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Suzanne & Mark are both rigorously trained in health and safety, and food hygiene. We are both trained in Basic Food Hygiene and we are recognised by the local authorities and NCASS to have done so.

Our Certificates


Level 1 Mobile and outside catering Food Hygiene
Level 2 Mobile and outside catering Food Hygiene
Level 3 Mobile and outside catering Food Hygiene
Food Hygiene Rating / Scores on the doors certificate
Liability Insurance
COSHH Risk Assessment
Food Safety Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment
Gas Certificate
Health and Safety in the catering Industry
First Aid Essentials
Fire Extinguisher Essentials

Health & Safety

1. Policy Statement

1.1 It is the Organisation’s intention to provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment for all its employees and for others who work on the Organisations business. As well as ensuring that all that is reasonable and practicable is done to prevent personal injury and to comply with the duties laid upon the Organisation as employer under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and any accompanying regulations.

2. Objectives
2.1 The Organisation will ensure that management and staff are aware of and accept their individual and

collective responsibilities in the care of health and safety of themselves and others.

2.2 All members of management and staff are expected to co-operate in the carrying out of this policy and the Organisation will encourage full participation of all employees in matters concerning health and safety within the Organisation.

2.3 The Organisation will identify and eliminate or control any situations likely to be hazardous to health and safety or cause damage to persons and/or equipment.

2.4 The Organisation is responsible for providing the necessary resources for the implementation of health and safety legislation and the objectives identified in this policy.

3. Responsibility for Health and Safety Matters

3.1 The overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy in health and safety matters rests with the responsible person who will be required to do all that is reasonably practicable to meet the health and safety standards laid down in this policy and in legislation and to implement and carry out the policy and its aims set out in this document under the guidance of senior management.

3.2 The responsible person will identify any necessary preventative and protective measures and prioritise the actions necessary to comply with the relevant legislation and ensure that all staff are aware of the procedures relating to accident or sickness.

3.3 The additional responsibilities of the responsible person shall include:


  • ·  Updating the Health and Safety Rules
  • ·  Ensuring that all new members of staff are aware of this policy and any rules.
  • ·  The systematic assessment of all risks to staff, visitors and others using the Organisation’spremises.
  • ·  Provide training and re-training where necessary for staff on health and safety matters.
  • ·  Ensure that all staff are fully trained to discharge their duties.
  • ·  Investigate all accidents.
  • ·  Advise managers on safety policies.
  • ·  Oversee safety inspections by the Health and Safety Executive and ensure theOrganisation’s premises comply with the minimum requirements.
  • ·  Co-operate with the local Fire Authority and take adequate steps for fire prevention.
  • ·  Ensure all staff are made aware of the Safety Regulations in the event of a fire.
  • ·  To ensure that fire fighting equipment is sufficient for the purpose and regularly serviced.
  • ·  Provide a First Aid box and ensure it is adequately stocked at all times.
  • ·  Maintain records of accidents and sickness in the Accident Register.
  • ·  Carry out reporting procedures relating to Health and Safety as required by Statute and theHealth and Safety Executive and other authorities.
  • ·  Implement recommendations of risk assessments identified within the Organisation.The Responsibility and Role of Employees4.1 Whilst the duty to ensure compliance with Health and Safety matters remains with the responsible person, management and staff are expected to take care of the health and safety of their fellow employees and visitors under their immediate supervision. All members of staff are expected to observe all hazards and all accidents involving injury which should immediately be reported to their manager/supervisor or responsible person and be recorded in the accident sickness register.4.2 Every member of staff must acquaint themselves with the rules governing health and safety within the Organisation and in addition ensure the following:
  • ·  Report any faulty or hazardous fixtures, fittings, furniture or equipment.
  • ·  Do not attempt to repair faulty electrical equipment.
  • ·  Switch off electrical and gas equipment before leaving the area.
  • ·  Report all accidents involving injury to their manager or supervisor or responsible personand ensure that they are recorded in the accident / sickness register
  • ·  Keep all areas free of obstructions.
  • ·  Observe all rules and procedures relating to evacuation of premises during an emergency.
  • ·  Ensure the work area is kept clean and tidy.
  1. Emergency Procedures
    5.2 In the event of an emergency during trading, all employees are to follow the procedures set out below:

1.On site of a fire or other appropriate warning, leave the area immediately shutting off the gas emergency isolation valve if possible

2.If possible without risking your safety shut off the gas bottle valves
3.Do not risk your personal safety in recovering any personal items or belongings 4.Distance yourself from the catering unit and warn other traders and the public in the immediate vicinity
5.Call the fire brigade on 999 – notify the event organiser if applicable
6.Do not re-enter the catering unit until you have been advised that it is safe to return.